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Yes, there's been a significant lack of attention to deviant on my part. I've kept busy, though. Facebook and my blog have kept the bulk of my attention with Twitter being looked in on at least once a day. The number of books in my series continues to rise and I have no intention of giving up on it whatsoever. So, if you want to know the latest news, simply check the blog.

As I've said in previous entries here, I've got several social profiles:
Here's the blog:
Here's my amazon page:…
I'm on Pinterest:…
and of course, Facebook:…

Of course, just because I have them, doesn't mean I pay a lot of attention to all of them.
Okay, confession: I don't pay as much attention to this site as I probably should. In all honesty, Facebook and Twitter have been my most attended social sites. Frankly, however, I'd prefer all the wonderful activity be moved to my blog where I don't have to worry about algorithms or someone else's rules for what to post.

Anyway, I'm proud to say Dream Angel is 11 books strong currently, although one of those is an updated extended second edition for the first book. Since I really don't pay too much attention to this site, I'd suggest jumping on my website to keep up with all the latest Dream Angel news. You'll find me constantly up to some form of mischief intended to delight and entertain fans.

As I've said in previous entries here, I've got several social profiles:
Here's the blog:
Here's my amazon page:…
I'm on Pinterest:…
and of course, Facebook:…

Of course, just because I have them, doesn't mean I pay a lot of attention to all of them.
Okay, it's been a while since I fussed with Deviant, hasn't it? I'll admit I've been busier on Facebook and my blog than anywhere else, but with the recent changes on Facebook putting a stranglehold on my page so almost nobody sees it without paying for the needed reach - which I can't do.
Anyway, complaint session over. I'm happy to say I've got 8 books available on my blog and 5 are already on
Here's the blog:
Here's my amazon page:…
I'm on Pinterest:…
and of course, Facebook:…
More than happy to announce I've released Dream Angel #3! I love how it turned out and think readers will love it too! Kindle edition (don't need a Kindle, just a Kindle app to read it) Printed edition and I've heard good things about the print quality.
All the fun is still (mostly) on Facebook and my blog, but I'll see if I can post here every now and then.
Here's the blog, so you can keep up on anything I might not put up here:…
Wish me luck and hope to hear good things from everyone!
If you really want to know where my partying is going on, head on over to my facebook page:… and join the conversation. There's already over 200 likes and I hope that number keeps rising.
All my news is posted there, too. Sorry to say I'm not that active on here, but I can't be active everywhere and still get done what I need to. It's just easier to be active in one place.
So, if you want to know what I'm up to, that's the place to go.
Okay, that was really a few days ago, but people are still saying it even now. Anyway, I'm happy to report my Facebook page (…) hit 101 likes just before the new year. Just yesterday, it got even more, hitting 133.
The majority of my activity is on facebook, so feel free to click that link and join the fun. I'll update here as often as possible, but all the fun is really there because it's far too time consuming to update all my profiles constantly with the latest news, I focus on one and keep my blog (…) moderately active, posting about 2-3 times a week maybe more, depending on what's going on.
Well, for a couple days my comic books enjoyed high rankings with Dream Angel #1 taking #11 in both Superheroes and Fantasy and almost staying there the entire time it was free. I can't say Dream Angel #2 was any slouch in its first free run - it did quite well. Even my novel, Lavender & Scarlet, held some nice rankings for its first run.
With the holidays already in full swing, I have to admit things have been a bit on the slow side. Although, I'm hoping they'll pick up as I prepare Dream Angel #3 for its release. I've even taken to being more active on Twitter (@teikounosenshi, for those that are wondering and want to find me).
Even Dream Angel's fan page has picked up some attention and finally hit 50 likes:… Won't you join everyone else and like it too?
All the activity is elsewhere, but I'll update here as often as I can, too.
All my books are (right now) free for Kindle. Dream Angel #1 comic book Dream Angel #2 my new release comic book Lavender & Scarlet, my novel.

Lavender & Scarlet will be free until about midnight tonight (12/5/2012) Pacific time.
Dream Angel #1 will be free until Friday at about midnight (12/7/2012) Pacific time.
Dream Angel #2 will be free until Saturday (its release was delayed) at about midnight (12/8/2012) Pacific time.

I'd be happy to see more ratings and reviews appear. I only ask for honesty and politeness. I'd appreciate constructive ideas, too. I'm no old pro when it comes to comic books, as well. Nor am I an old pro when it comes to handling DAZ Studio and Poser. I'm still learning some of the tricks - I have yet to attempt things like particles, but I'm able to compensate for my shortcomings in Photoshop. That one I do know pretty well. I just want everyone to know that I'm no master with what I use, but I hope to continue learning even when I am a master. Fortunately, my skill is growing and I'm able to share it.

I'm also happy to see that some of my postings here are respectably popular. That's fine with me. I might not post here often, but I do post here:… often. That link has all other links - and more games. From time to time, I do even discuss my creative process (with a few potential spoilers/teasers).
I know this site's full of art fans, so I've got a little special for you: a poll contest on my blog (…) for a special piece of artwork that will be hand rendered and signed by the artist.
I'm now down to 3 1/2 pages out of 26 for book 2, which means it's on schedule for its December 3rd release!! Come join the little online party I'll be having on Facebook:… Dream Angel will be hosting! (Well, it IS her page on Facebook!) Come join the fun! I hope to see everyone there!
I'm hoping to release my second comic book in early December. The first one has gotten its first review and it's a good one!! Things just take time, and I hope to see things pick up as the date I've picked for book 2's release approaches.
Not only am I working on book 2, but also a collection of flash based dress-up games for my little dolls. For 5 characters in particular, they're outfit pickers intended to help someone that wants one of the 5 pick the outfit they want the doll to come with.
So, in case I don't update here for a while, here are a few links to help keep track:… Facebook group… Facebook fan page… My blog that is updated on a fairly regular basis

Now for the book itself that's available on amazon: Kindle edition (no, you don't need a kindle to buy it!! Amazon has kindle apps for everything!!) print edition - you're sent a physical book and from what I hear, the print quality is beautiful!

Don't be afraid to share these links, the book, group and everything else could use the help with promotion. I've officially got a month before I want to release book 2, so I'd better get busy! I'm only on page 10 of 24!!
Okay, I shouldn't be such a gloomy gus about my comic book not taking off as I'd hoped and the lack of ratings and reviews. You know what? It hasn't been up long and I need to just be patient. Meantime, I can enjoy the beautiful dolls I've been making lately and the magnificent outfits to go with them. I'm happy to see that they're picking up some popularity, even if it isn't a whole lot - again, that's something that takes time, so I'm willing to be patient.
I've seen some measure of success and that's what I really wanted. I'm working on the second book with hopes that I can shoot for an early December release in time to do a double free period combined with the first book.
I think if I keep up with my posting about it on my blog, the Facebook group and even some marketing research, it may bear fruit. To use a simple analogy, it's a seed and I need to keep nurturing it, watering it, and encouraging its growth. Eventually, that seed will become a tree someday.
Now, I wouldn't mind help with the second book - I'm going to leave that offer on the table - Help referring to some simple 3D rendering. I'm still hunting for a good warehouse model, but most of what I've found (other than Google SketchUp, which looks too much like a line drawing in the renders, sadly) have been dreadfully expensive. Beautiful, but out of my price range, sadly. I think one of the worst problems I face with the second book is blowing up said warehouse - I'm not very good at breaking things in either DAZ or Poser. I could do it in Maya, but I've only got a student - non-commercial - license for that one, so I can't use it.
On the plus side, I've put my dolls to work helping with layout and dialogue in the second book. All I have to do is create the final 3D renders and put them over the doll photo placeholders. From there, maybe make some minor adjustments to the dialogue balloons so they fit with the final renders, but overall the second book's looking good even if it is just the dolls standing in for their digital counterparts.
So, even though the book is taking off slowly, I'm happy with it. Here's the link to the digital version: and here's the link to the print version:
If anyone wants to lend a hand with the 3D renders for book 2, I'm open to the discussion. Even if you don't know DAZ (which is presently free to download, by the way) I'm pretty sure I could help with the basics. I mostly use Poser, but certain things are best in DAZ alone, so I have to use both. I'm fairly sure I could even offer a run-down on Hexagon and Bryce (which are also presently free to download). If I don't know something, I'm also quite certain there's tutorials available and I'd more than likely be able to find the answer to just about any question.
Now, I will say this in defense of the 3D: just because the computer does about 90% of the drawing, don't think it's not a considerable amount of work. One panel takes me several hours because I have so much more ability to control, pose, light, props, camera and everything else that goes into a scene. More often than not, I render a scene 4 or 5 times before I'm satisfied with it and even then, it might not work the way I want it to when I put it in Manga Studio, so in no way is it not any less time consuming than traditional - matter of fact, it might be more time consuming. I also do a lot of modeling work myself, which can take days at a time to assure the model works from all angles, which in turn makes it work well with the characters from any angle in any lighting - I like to think of my comic book as being closer to a storyboard for a movie, so that means that I want more than just a dummy in the background, I want something that looks like it fits. Regardless of whether or not I animate it, I want my comic book to look its best.
Another note in defense, I spend quite a bit of time working on my hand rendering as well. I've been known to take a fully digitally rendered scene that I'm happy with and sketch from it for practice as if I were drawing from a live model and see how close my hand rendering is to the realistic 3D that my comic book uses. Maybe the 3D is a short cut cheater's method of getting my comic book out to the world, but it allows me the ability to practice traditional rendering while offering ground-breaking artwork that publishers presently fear.
The free promo ended with a very disappointing ranking of 6,592. Not at all what I'd hoped. It's still in desperate need of ratings and reviews, too. In spite of my going nuts trying to promote it during the five day promo period, it only had 98 downloads.
One plus side, is with my constantly posting to my blog, the traffic has picked up there a little. I don't like seeing the negative all the time, and I know 98 downloads in 5 days is pretty good, I know traffic on my blog picking up is pretty good, but I have to see that since the promo ended, nothing's happened. Such a disappointment, when friends and family all said they'd get my book when it was released and next to nothing happened. Of course, it is a holiday weekend - one in which people choose to party rather than do anything else, including pay attention to blog postings and such talking about a new book that's free, but not free for long.
Enough gloom and sorrow, I think I'll start paying more attention to my doll making and hope for the best.
With only 2 days left to my one-week promotional period, I'm watching numbers droop. Now, it could be just because of the holiday weekend (that's what I'd prefer thinking) or it's genuinely not getting the levels of interest I've been striving for all these years.
While I'd prefer thinking it's just because of the holiday weekend, I'll post the link again anyway: and hope people pay attention to it.
I've been hoping friends and family would help spread the word, as many of them promised, but so far, there's been dead silence. Perhaps friends here would do me the honor? Just click the link, copy the address in the address bar and repost it in as many places as you can. Word-of-mouth advertising is by far the fastest way to spread news. Also, don't just copy the address and post it everywhere, please download, rate and review the book! Click the little "like" button on the page, too. It really does need the help rising in the rankings.
It was doing so well yesterday, but look at the rankings now:

date        Amazon Best Sellers Rank     ranking gain
8/29/2012      4,082                      4,082
8/30/2012      3,386                      696
8/31/2012      5,003                     -1,617

Unfortunate numbers, aren't they? So, please, do me the favor of helping regain the lost rankings by downloading, rating and reviewing the book.
With all the buzz of activity elsewhere, I really haven't paid much attention to Deviant... I know, I should, but I've got good news: I put my comic book up on Amazon's Kindle store. All right, I know I asked if anyone would be interested in redrawing my comic book for submission to publishers, but with such a poor, slow response, I decided to just skip it. People can send me sample pages if they want, but it's already been more than a month and it doesn't take that long to draw one page even with work, school, family, etc.
That's only half the news, too. Until this Sunday, my comic book will be free to download on that site up there. Don't worry if you don't have a Kindle device, there's downloadable apps even for computers. Haven't seen any American downloads yet, but it is being downloaded and I hope to see more along with ratings and reviews.
I've had so many things in the works lately and thanks to the local County throwing a tantrum over some stuff that became visible after our fence fell down, I'm a week behind and just beginning to catch up. At least I can happily report my book's appearance on I hope to see sales even after the free period's over.
Okay, my artwork's just not good enough for publishers, that's fine. Not complaining, but the few artists who've expressed interest are taking their time - that's also fine, I can live with that. I've kept myself occupied with my dolls and an occasional sketch on the computer - as you've seen - and more dolls are being made (I still need to paint faces and make clothes, but they're lookin' good.)
A couple little updates: one, I've setup a store for my dolls on my blog and two, despite my artwork being unacceptable to publishers, I've decided to sell my comic book on my blog anyway. Maybe someday I'll get lucky with a publisher - perhaps with help from another artist and maybe even another writer - but in the meantime, my comic book will be available on my blog along with my dolls, both the 5" and 10" collections.
So, while my comic book might be a miserable flop with publishers right now, I know people have expressed interest in buying it anyway - everyone I've talked to agrees they need to get out of the stone age and realize that artwork is turning toward digital 3D - not the kind that needs the glasses, but the kind that looks very realistic and believable. No, I'm not dissing the classic methods in the least, just saying they need to recognize the fact that their artwork needs to modernize beyond using the simplest functions of Photoshop and move into things like Poser and closer to photo realistic. They need to join the modern age artistically - I think they'd sell more if they did!
Okay, rant over back to enjoying my little dolls and their comic book. Perhaps I'll play around with making my second book digitally anyway for the fun of it... Although I've already got so many fun projects going on I doubt I'd find time anytime terribly soon.

One more little side note for those who have comic books, regardless of what stage they're in: I make dolls. What's that mean? Well, I'd be able to make YOUR characters into dolls. I use a standard doll base pattern - see my 10" dolls - and would make the doll look like your characters. They're a cute addition to a comic book and thus far, a niche unique only to my comic book... I'd like to make a market for them. If characters like Batman and Superman can have plastic action figures that are made in China, why can't we have soft, huggable, stuffed dolls made in the USA? I don't know much about international shipping, but I'm sure if needed I could figure out pricing on that. For the time being, this is the sort of offer that's long-standing and open to all. I'm a doll maker and open to challenges. Bare minimum I'd need a front image, a back image and desired size. Ideally, I'd need a budget to shoot for, too. Please remember that in projects like this, I have to worry about supplies and the value of my time making the product!
I've been trying since 2007 to get my comic book out into the world. Long story short: I've tried pretty much everything right down to self-publishing and trying to print it myself.
In 2009, I submitted my (admittedly, badly drawn) comic book Dream Angel to Antarctic Press and was told,
"Your proposed comic book looks very promising. The color choices are vivid and interesting. However, we cannot accept the work at this time. You do still need to mature a bit more with respect to your anatomical drawing skills. YOu have the gift, but it needs further training.
Good luck with your future submissions!"
Recently, I tried them again with a 3D digital render that eliminated the anatomical problem, but got deafening silence as a response. My one big wish right now is to see my comic book's success. I want to share my beloved characters with the world and see the world enjoy them as much as I do. Okay, I know that sounds a bit corny, but artistically, I haven't been able to make that come true.
June is going out with a bang for me! I've finally gotten the contract from my publisher and sent it back on its way. Dream Angel is going to be published as an e-book soon! Here's the best part: I sent it out Monday, June 28th, 2010 which also happened to be my parents' 35th anniversary! Talk about ultimate anniversary present!
I'm on top of the world right now and happily enjoying every second of it! Wish me luck!
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Dream Angel as a short e-book
My social hopping continues... Here's hoping some good stuff starts happening soon!
Obviously, my uploading of images is slow, but I have been uploading, that's for sure. In any case, keep an eye on things, they might start heating up soon!
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My site is two years old, my toads are one year old, my dog is four years old and I'm intent on creating interest in my comic books, fan art works, short stories, and everything else I'm into these days. Expect me to be a chirping little toadie socialite. My boys (my one year old toads) are very sociable, and I intend to follow their example! I'm going to be posting a lot more a lot more often! is now 2 years old! As of 1-14-2010, the site will have been online for two years! It's changed a lot over that time and most recently, is undergoing complete reconstruction for efficiency, design and ease of access. Though it's still incomplete, I will say that I'm most proud of all of this new design and setup for the site.